Product Test: Olson’s ceiling mounted retractable socket outlet

Product Test: Olson’s ceiling mounted retractable socket outlet

Steve Hewish, Approved Electrician at Turrell’s, reviews Olson’s ceiling mounted retractable socket outlet.

Olson is well known for having a strong reputation as one of our industry’s top brands for power distribution systems, such as socket outlets for server rooms or commercial/industrial installations.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out one of Olson’s new ceiling mounted retractable socket outlets and can honestly say that it has been a privilege!

UK manufacturing

They’re built using powder coated steel to ensure a long work life and resistance to those everyday bashes and bumps that inevitably occur in harsh environments.

Mounted into these steel enclosures are good quality metal clad accessories so you can complete the job with a professional look, which most clients would prefer over some ‘slap dash’ installation that might as well be held together with bailer twine and cable ties.

I was really pleased to learn that Olson still manufactures in the UK and has resisted the temptation to take the route of so many other brands and save cost from the operation by farming out the production elsewhere. The quality of British made products is becoming more and more noticeable these days, and you can immediately tell there is good manufacturing behind them.

Support mechanisms

Fortunately, Olson manages to tread the fine edge of the sword very well in terms of price, which I think is very competitive when you consider the quality and longevity you’ll be getting.

A nice support mechanism that Olson has put in place for installers is the ‘Product Finder’ tool which allows you to select the products you require and if the client has the budget for a retractable socket, they can order one separately. If they just want a fixed hanging socket instead, they can order the ceiling sockets without the retractor unit, saving themselves money on the installation.

Overall, I’ve had a really good experience with this product (and Olson products in general) and it’s certainly a brand I’ll be looking to for future installations. Hopefully the team there will continue to fly the flag for British manufacturing in the future and keep producing quality products for the electrical installation market.

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