Product Test: Saxby Lighting OrbitalPRO Colour Changing Downlight

Product Test: Saxby Lighting OrbitalPRO Colour Changing Downlight

George Robertson reviews the OrbitalPRO Colour Changing downlight from Saxby Lighting.

Not that I’m a materialistic person, but if looks were the only deciding factor in how we choose electrical products then these new OrbitalPRO downlights would certainly find their way near the top of the pile.

I’ve always thought that a downlight should mesh seamlessly with the ceiling it’s occupying, after all what’s the point of a downlight that detracts from the look of your newly plastered and painted ceiling? Although the OrbitalPRO is constructed of die cast aluminium and steel, and has a solid, weighty feel, its matt white finish, low profile and lack of a visible LED unit allows it to become almost inconspicuous when fitted.

Cleverly the two sets of SMD LED modules are hidden in a ring behind the main plate – these project 450 lumens of indirect light from the downlights’ unique anti-glare dome. Cleverly, the user then has the capability to flick a switch and this can be changed to either cool white 5000K or warm white 3000K.

Looks aside these units have a host of features that mean they can be used almost anywhere. For a start they’re IP65 rated, making them suitable for zone 1 in a bathroom. They’re also suitable for use in 90 minute fire rated ceilings, can be covered with insulation and will fit in a 75mm ceiling void.

The lights are fitted with dimmable “Eaglerise” drivers, making them suitable for both leading and trailing edge dimmer, and I was really impressed with their dimming capabilities. Every one of the units I fitted dimmed smoothly down to zero with no hint of flicker or jump. Plus they’re a doddle to wire up! Fitted with a push-fit tool less terminal block with two cable entries and soft cable grips I’d say that these are possibly the easiest wired-in units I’ve had to deal with. An added bonus is that the terminal unit can be opened with your fingers, making it essentially tool-less.

Despite all the positive points, there is a slight downside to these downlights: the cut out hole is 97mm, which can be a difficult size to find. Luckily there are a couple of holesaw manufacturers who make suitable units, otherwise it’s back to the padsaw and compass or adjustable holesaw cutter, which is fine if you’re fitting in plaster, but not so much if it’s anything else.

That said, it’s only a small issue and when you consider the ease of fitment, good looks, colour changing capabilities, easy dimming, and fire-rated properties of the OribtalPRO units then I’m more than willing to put up with the unusual cut-out diameter (though it would be nice if Saxby stocked the holesaws).

All in all I’ve had a really positive experience with these downlights and will certainly be using them again. I’ve even kept a unit back to show to my clients on future projects.

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