Product Test: Snickers 4 Way Stretch Trouser

Product Test: Snickers 4 Way Stretch Trouser

Does my bum look big in this? In this review Roger Bisby explores the thinking behind the Snickers 4-way stretch trouser.

The thousands of hours of research and observation that go into a Snickers garment means that it’s not so much a garment as a piece of engineering. In some ways it’s more akin to a tool than clothing. If you think that sounds a little over-blown then the new 4-way stretch AllRoundWork trouser is a perfect example.

The cut is modern with a more tapered leg which appeals to the younger trades but there’s a lot more going on than just a slimmer fit. If you have a pair of trousers tailor-made then the tailor will take your waist and inside leg measurement but he/she will also run the tape around your bum, thighs and even your calf. Tailors were doing this long before the phrase ‘body mapping’ was ever invented.

Now it is obvious that buying a pair of work trousers off the peg is not going to give you the same tailored fit. You’ll probably be looking at the waist and inside leg measurement and that is about it in terms of fit.

Snickers actually has more size variations than any other workwear manufacturer but if you’re buying a given waist size and happen to have a big bum or bulky thighs you might still find that when you bend and stretch the trousers will be under extra strain in those areas. When people buy a pair of work trousers and say “they fell apart after six months” it may be that they just weren’t good enough quality, but it could also be as a result of a bad fit.

Using a stretch fabric in work trousers might seem to be a ‘no-brainer’ but making a pair of trousers out of elastane fabric alone gives you a pair of trousers that cling too much and are likely to be clammy and uncomfortable to work in. Snickers’ solution to this problem is to use varying types of fabric in different areas so they maintain breathability. The result is that the trousers move with you and accommodate those variations in body shape and, dare I say, a little bit of variation in weight. For me they’re also very comfortable to drive in which is a major consideration these days.


Taking a pair of these trousers on to site was a bit of an eye opener for me because the younger lads definitely liked them but they all wanted to know “how much”? I’ve been in the construction industry long enough to know that you should never dodge the price question so I gave it to them straight!

For Snickers trousers these are at the lower end of the price market but obviously there are people who are never going to pay a decent price for a pair of trousers.

This, to me, is a false economy, especially after I met one young lad who was wearing a pair that he’d paid a relative pittance for. The zip broke in the first two weeks so he bought another pair and the zip also broke in those, so he then had to modify them with a safety pin.

A few quid later he still didn’t have a pair of trousers he felt good in let alone looking the part.

I also met a roofer on-site who was obviously doing well for himself. When I probed him about his choice of workwear his main concern was the pocket for his phone, which happened to be the new iPhone X – something he couldn’t wait to bring into the conversation. He proudly told me he had a SIM-only deal and had purchased the phone with cash for a little under £1,000!

This made me gasp but as he started to show me all the features, such as retina recognition etc., I soon realised that when you explain the features and benefits of anything to an interested market you’re in with an excellent chance of making a sale.

I’d hope that many of your reading this value your body much higher than you do your phone, so next time the price of quality trousers creates a barrier in your mind, I’d recommend you consider all the features and benefits on offer.

Much like these 4-way stretch trousers, I’m sure they’ll start to look like very good value when you do so.

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