Crabtree’s miniature RCBO spells safety in the Home and Garden

Crabtree’s miniature RCBO spells safety in the Home and Garden

It goes without saying that electrical installation work in a home must be designed and installed to protect people from fire and electric shocks, but what about the garden?

Given the greater risk of electric shock outdoors, there’s a need to protect homeowners outdoors, too.

According to research 10% of UK adults with gardens have had accidents or shocks using electrical equipment outdoors*. The Starbreaker Miniature RCBO from Crabtree, one of Electrium’s leading brands in electrical components, provides a safer environment when using electrical appliances, indoor or out.

The compact device has switched neutral built in as standard. The technology combines earth leakage protection (for personal safety) with overload and short circuit protection in a miniature size.

Dave Enefer, Sales Manager at Crabtree, comments: “Whether you are mowing the lawn, carrying out DIY tasks or grilling some sizzling barbeque treats, people will be better protected by Starbreaker Miniature RCBOs. These clever little devices switch off both live and neutral in the event of a fault, totally isolating the power supply to faulty circuits or appliances.”

Two Pole RCBOs are also ideal for electricity supplies around the garden, to safely feed secondary consumer units, for lighting and power in summer houses or sheds.

These miniature RCBOs measure one single module wide, and are just 90mm in height. This gives installers around 30 per cent more wiring space to work with in the consumer unit, saving time on tricky installations.

The RCBO will do more than just offer more space though. Because it has built in switched neutral as standard, live and neutral conductors do not have to be disconnected for insulation resistance testing, saving time and money.

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