Product Test: Snickers ProtecWork range

Product Test: Snickers ProtecWork range

Steve Hewish takes a safety-first approach as he tries out the Snickers ProtecWork range.

Ensuring you’re both comfortable and safe while working in potentially hazardous environments, such as those faced by electrical contractors, is a vitally important requirement. Fortunately, workwear providers, such as Snickers, are really stepping up their efforts in this area, as I found out when I had the chance to take some items from the ProtecWork range on review.

Wool terry jacket and thermal trousers
Good looking, warm and acting as another layer of arc resistant protective clothing, the wool terry jacket has been designed to fit comfortably around the body. This snug fit minimises the likelihood of the jacket catching or snagging while in a high-risk working environment.

The thumb holes in the sleeves that hook over your hand is clever touch as they ensure the sleeves don’t roll up, thus maintaining an arc resistant covering on your hands and arms while wearing the wool terry jacket and Protec gloves. The wool terry trousers are a good insulator for cold weather environments and their arc resistant and flame retardant properties make them a perfect pairing to the waterproof shell trousers.

Protec3Waterproof shell trousers and jacket, high-vis Class 2
Both comfy and weather resistant, this trouser and jacket combination is hard wearing. The trousers have Kevlar reinforced pockets to minimise the chance of tools penetrating them and injuring the wearer, while reinforced knee covering minimises damage to the knees in hazardous working environments.

The zipped bottoms of the trousers also help with putting on high ankle boots or wellingtons. The hi-vis and retro reflective material is a perfect covering for lots of different job types, from general electricians to substation electricians.

Long sleeve T-shirt
This is brilliant for hazardous working areas as it covers your whole upper body, including your arms. The material is strong and breathable – perfect for jobs where you have the potential to rip or tear your clothing.

Protec headwear
Multi-use headwear is such a good and effective clothing option as it can be used as a hat or as a cover for your neck and face. This is made from arc resistant material and is a good covering for those occasions where you’re working in hazardous areas.

Solid Gear Bravo Gtx boots
These are a solid but comfortable pair of waterproof high ankle boots that I found were excellent for jobs where you’re faced with wet and dirty conditions under foot. Boot covers may be needed for domestic work, however the Bravo Gtx boot’s Gore-Tex covering means you can almost submerge the whole boot without water leaking in, which is ideal to keep your feet warm and dry.

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