Product Test: Snickers Workwear Garments

Product Test: Snickers Workwear Garments

This month George Robertson gets to slip into some of the latest ‘hero’ garments from the Snickers Workwear collection. We get his thoughts.

If, like me, you spend two thirds of your waking life in your workwear, it’s absolutely essential that you find a brand that you can trust to keep you safe and comfortable throughout the working day. Until recently, I’d always been under the impression that workwear was much of a muchness and that turning up looking presentable is all you really needed to worry about. The workwear that I’ve been testing from Snickers has completely changed my outlook!

Amongst the items I was given to trial was a pair of Snickers’ popular FlexiWork trousers with detachable holster pockets. Comfortable, well fitting, flexible, hard wearing and with more tool pockets than you can shake a stick at, I’ve found these work trousers to be a revelation! As it says on the tin, the holster pockets are detachable, with one zip and two poppers to a pocket. There are zipped vents on the thighs (handy for when you’re working in a loft that’s like a sauna), an internal belt that’s tucked into the waist band, belt loops and a ‘workwear toolholding system’ point on both sides of the waistband. I’ve honestly never felt so comfortable in a pair of work trousers – no tugging at the waist to pull them up and no reason to tighten the belt every 15 minutes. Putting in and/or removing the kneepads is even more of a doddle.

Knee and easy

Which brings me nicely on to the next item I was given – the 9169 D30 Ergo kneepads. These are light and flexible but also impact resistant, making them suitable for work that involves frequent kneeling. I was particularly impressed with the way they fit the FlexiWork trousers and I noticed that they ensure the user stays balanced when using them – particularly important when you’re kneeling on a joist in a loft.

Another item I was given was the latest Snickers hoodie, made of an extra thick, soft brushed fabric. It’s warm and well fitting and the sleeves even have holes to poke your thumbs through, keeping your hands warm in the colder weather. The hood will also keep that biting, cold wind away, even if you’re stuck in the middle of a field, connecting an irrigation system or replacing all the pitch points in a caravan park.

Last, but by no means least, I was given a pair of Solid Gear Grit Safety Trainers to try out. Lightweight with a composite toe cap, these shoes fit me like a dream. They feature anti-slip and stability properties and are water resistant, yet breathable. One feature I really like is the BOA fit system, which eliminates the use of shoe laces. Instead, you just slip the shoes on and turn the disc on the top outer of the shoe clockwise and the BOA system will tighten the shoe to a perfect fit. When you’re ready to take them off, you simply pop the disc up and the shoe will release. As mentioned previously, this review has given me a bit of a wake up call when it comes to modern workwear and the comfort and safety levels that are achievable. I honestly didn’t know it could feel so good to go to work!

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