Product Test: Solid Gear Safety Footwear

Product Test: Solid Gear Safety Footwear

Roger Bisby is on solid ground with the latest in safety footwear technology from Solid Gear.

At the risk of offending some people I’m going to assume that Darwin had it right and we are descended from apes and, therefore, once walked on all fours. If you accept this then you will be able to appreciate that walking upright with a head weighing as much as a bowling ball was always going to produce a lot of impact on the vertebrae that make up our spinal columns.

The problem is exacerbated (so my osteopath tells me) by the fact that many of us were told to walk with head high and shoulders back rather than slouching. It turns out that slouching isn’t so bad. A straight back with a head on top, rather than slightly forward, puts a stack of discs in the firing line and, as our heels hit the ground, it sends wave after wave of seismic shocks through the spine.

It may well be that in a few more million years we will evolve to cope with this, but for those of us who can’t wait that long we have technology to help. The Solid Gear SG76001 Infinity Revolution Safety Trainer has a heel impact absorption of 20 joules, which is considerably more than the output of most 3 kilo hammer drills – and don’t forget that is 20 joules per heel.

The material that soaks up the shockwaves is EVA technology, which is also used in Nike’s top end sports shoes. If you have wondered how those Olympic athletes manage to run so fast for so long I can tell you that it ain’t the shoes, so don’t expect to put these shoes on and break any world records. What you will find, however, is that the heel and midsole work together to virtually eliminate impact. Even if you are carrying heavy loads all day long the shoes act as a buffer. Now that we have the technology to measure how many steps we take and how much impact that produces we understand that this not only destroys the cushioning in our spinal column but also in our knees and hips.

There are many other features in these shoes that keep your feet dry and comfortable, and they have carbon nano technology in the toe caps that makes them lighter and stronger than ordinary steel, but if they did nothing other than putting that lovely spring in your step they would be worth it.

Now, at the risk of spoiling your day, I will tell you that these shoes are not cheap. They may well be the most expensive work shoes you will ever buy but I very much doubt that you will find a better pair, and there are a lot of kids hanging around on street corners who are wearing more expensive trainers and they are not a tax deductible business expense.

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