Product Test: Wiha Diagonal Cutters

Product Test: Wiha Diagonal Cutters

Did Wiha make the cut? Cathy Cockin from Little Miss Electrical tries out the Wiha industrial electric heavy-duty diagonal cutters.

What attracted you to the product in the first place?

I had only used one Wiha product before and I really liked it so I was keen to try some of their other tools. These cutters seemed perfect because I haven’t used pliers with the longer neck and wanted to see how I would get on with the new shape.

What were your initial impressions of the product?

The pliers were chunkier than my others and had nice comfy grips.

How easy were the cutters to use?

They are really easy to use even though they’re bigger than my last pair. The longer neck means they can reach into smaller areas and they’re very sharp and good at cutting bigger cables.

What type of application were the cutters used for?

I have used these pliers for all types of cable up to about 6mm. From my experience they are good strong pliers that will cut through most cable.

Are there any features and benefits that you particularly enjoyed?

I really like the longer neck, the cutting part is much further away from the handles which makes them easy to use.

What improvements would you suggest? 

I thought they were really good but perhaps they could have the option to strip cable within them so that you can just pick up this one pair and crack on. I found that I always had them in my pocket as I used them a lot but would then have to find another pair for stripping.

Would you recommend the product to other electricians?

Yes definitely! They’re a really nice pair of chunky pliers and nice and sharp. They are suitable for most cable in domestic and even commercial use.

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