Rhino Products AluminiumRack ready for fast delivery in France

Rhino Products AluminiumRack ready for fast delivery in France

Strong and streamlined, the AluminiumRack from Rhino Products is an innovative roof rack designed to fit France’s top selling vans. Continually improved through rigorous testing and customer feedback to provide premium durability and aesthetics, the AluminiumRack is now available with fast delivery times in France. 

Rhino’s AluminiumRack is incredibly robust with a high carrying capacity. Manufactured from anti-scratch anodised aluminium alloy to provide corrosion resistance and durability, the AluminiumRack has the strength of a steel rack but with greatly reduced weight. This strength is guaranteed thanks to extensive in-house durability testing and independent crash testing up to 20G.

A streamlined design featuring UV resistant polymer composite nose cones and leg cowls improves aerodynamics, minimises wind noise and benefits fuel economy. Use of anti-rattle connectors across the rack further reduces noise, enhancing the interior environment for van users. The sleek aesthetic of the AluminiumRack also complements the striking design of modern light commercial vehicles, ensuring a well integrated addition to any van.

Popular vans compatible with the AluminiumRack include the Renault Kangoo, Master and Trafic. The Citroen Berlingo and Jumpy are also supported. Peugeot’s Boxer and Partner vans can fit the AluminiumRack too. Other significant van applications include the Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit.

Rhino Products offers the AluminiumRack on greatly reduced delivery times in France. Highly interchangeable parts matched with shared components such as sidebars and cross tubes also means total availability for all vehicle applications. Compact packaging ensures easy and cost-effective delivery, as well as reduced inventory space requirements for stockists. This is thanks to innovative design features such as two-piece side frames, which are easily reassembled during installation. Smaller packaging also reduces the risk of damage to the rack during transit. With stock held ready at a dedicated European distribution centre in The Netherlands, customers can expect faster delivery on any order compared to other brands.

Every AluminiumRack features a stainless-steel rear roller attached to composite stub axles to ease loading and unloading while minimising rattling. A beacon bracket is also available. All racks are supplied with a bespoke fitting kit specific to each compatible van, including instructions and the necessary parts. The rack can be easily installed with the included Allen key, two 10mm/13mm spanners (depending on the rack) and two ladders. New leg cowls are now included to fit individual rack sizes.

Exceptional durability and optimised design features ensure that the AluminiumRack is Europe’s leading solution for vans working in challenging conditions. Matched with expedited delivery in France, fitters, fleet owners and van users can benefit from a next generation roof rack right now.

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