SALUS upgrades thermostat range

SALUS upgrades thermostat range

Controls specialist SALUS has upgraded their popular thermostat range to now include Internal Temperature Load Compensation (ITLC).

The RT510 range, which proved extremely popular with homeowners and installers has been developed and improved by SALUS to become the RT510+ range.

The new, RT510+ and RT510RF+ are stylish, simple to install and fully programmable room thermostats with a range of advanced features and selectable modes. The RT510RF+ uses RF communication with the boiler receiver and with built in ITLC (Internal Temperature Load Compensation) it is fully compliant with Boiler Plus.

With the plug in boiler products, SALUS have the only Boiler Plus plug in boiler controls on the market and importantly, with a load compensator included, this measures the difference between the internal temperature and the set temperature of the thermostat and adjusts the boiler thermostat as appropriate to avoid overheating.

SALUS’ European Managing Director, Dean Jepson said: “At SALUS we are always looking for the next innovation or upgrade to our current range. This latest range will significantly help homeowners manage their heat and hot water, improve energy efficiency and reduce running costs.

“It’s important to remember that millions of homes in the UK still don’t have any type of thermostat, so installers need to gauge their customers’ current set-up and present a series of options that best meet their needs.”

As well as offering speedy, fuss-free installation, the new range comes competitively-priced and is available from SALUS’ nationwide network of merchants and distributors.

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