Samac Fixings launches robust Performance Plus Trade Case

Samac Fixings launches robust Performance Plus Trade Case

Elevate your on-site efficiency with the smart new Samac Performance Plus Woodscrews Trade Case – the ultimate collection of 900 precision-engineered screws, designed for excellence in any fixings task.

This durable and robust case features a robust handle designed for seamless site-to-site transit and is built to absorb the bumps and knocks of construction life. It will protect your screws from dust, debris and water and when the day winds down, simply pop it into the back of your van, secure in the knowledge that your screws will remain immovably snug in their compartments.

Packed with hundreds of Performance Plus High Performance Wood Screws, this case is ideal for every job on site. The screws are designed with a Pozi-drive and a robust double countersunk head to reduce the chances of head breakage and self-countersinking ribs which guarantees a sleek, flush finish every time. With a specialised protective coating, these screws are corrosion resistant, while the milling thread and serrated thread work in tandem to minimise resistance and prevent the dreaded wood split, ensuring a secure fit that lasts.

Never waste time rummaging around for the right screw again. Practical, durable and equipped with a selection of 900 wood screws, the Samac Performance Plus Trade Case heralds the end of your search for the perfect fastener – it’s time for a new era of organisation and efficiency.

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