Switchtec supplies the Smart-Q queue management system from Sirena

Switchtec supplies the Smart-Q queue management system from Sirena

Available from Specialist distributor Switchtec is the Smart-Q system, a self-powered luminous & acoustic system for the management of queues at the entrance to shops, supermarkets, banks, and post offices.

The Smart-Q system compromises of a Red & Green LED luminous beacon and an internal sounder, providing visual and audible indication to shoppers when it’s safe to enter a building. Just like a small traffic light the Smart-Q provides an indication, to those who are waiting at the entrance to a shop, when it is time to enter the building or move forward in a queue.

Powered from a rechargeable battery, the Smart-Q guarantees 8 hours of continuous operation, then simply plugs in to a 230V power socket to recharge overnight.

To allow customers to do their shopping as safely as possible and help with safe social distancing, the Smart-Q manages the queue at the entrance of the building by staggering the entrance times. The Smart-Q can be controlled either by the built-in selectable timer or manually by the shop keeper via a remote-control key fob. The Smart-Q’s built in timer has a selectable 2-12 second delay, which changes the LED Traffic Light colour from Red to Green, and back to Red for the next customer. The built-in timer can be overridden by the shop keeper using the key fob or used manually, as and when the shop keeper is ready for the next customer.

The Smart-Q from Sirena is easy to install as it does not need a qualified electrician to install. It also removes the necessity for a member of staff to control customer flow into the building, multiple devices can be connected and synchronized for orderly advancement of the queues in and around shops.

For more information on the Smart-Q system, visit the Switchtec website here.

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