New generation Citel SPDs available from Switchtec

New generation Citel SPDs available from Switchtec

Available from specialist distributor Switchtec is the new DAC/DDC range of AC and DC surge protection devices from Citel.

Available in Type 1, Type 2 & Type 3, for use with AC, DC and PV applications the SPDs are suitable for use on all earthing system including TN, TT/TN, TNS and TN-C-S. The SPDs are available in Single Pole, Single Phase, 3 Phase and 3 Phase & Neutral. Citel DIN rail mounted surge protectors are easy to install in any standardised distribution panel or control cabinets.

As leaders in Surge Protection, Citel have designed this range to meet the most extreme constraints, beyond that asked by the IEC/EN standards. In order to ensure total safety, the DAC/DDC series are designed to provide a safe disconnection, high resistance to fire and short circuit and built with a high mechanical robustness. The DAC/DDC series utilises technology unique available to Citel, who are specialists in the manufacture of gas discharge tubes, along with their own design of varistors to obtain the best performance and reliability for their SPDs.

Key performance features of the new DAC/DDC range include an improved ergonomic design which incorporates a quick release retaining clip for the replaceable SPD modules. Traditionally the modules were retained by mechanical resistance alone, which made them difficult to remove. The new DAC/DDC uses a spring clip designed into the modules housing, however, which allows for quick and effortless module replacement.

Further features include improved plastic materials used to increase the products strength and rigidity, while also taking into account environmental concerns with the use of Halogen free plastics. A larger disconnection indicator allows the operator to easily and quickly identify if the SPD has come End of Life. A green indicator displays a fully functioning SPD while a red indicator indicates immediate replacement required. This indicator is in conjunction with the built in remote signal output, a volt free contact, suitable for connection to an external signalling device.

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