Unicrimp introduce new CXT brass glands

Unicrimp introduce new CXT brass glands

Unicrimp, part of the Scolmore Group of companies, has expanded its brass glands range to include CXT brass glands. This is to meet the growing requirement from those looking to source stranded armour cable instead of steel wired armour (SWA), which the CW and BW glands cover.

CXT brass cable glands are designed for use with all types of braided armour SY, CY and other flexible wire braid or braid armour cable where there is a need for clamping the wire braid for electrical continuity or mechanical retention purposes. Examples of where this type of cable application could typically be found include multicore control cable infrastructure, production lines, conveyors, server rooms, machine shops and mobile equipment.

The new glands have an IP66 rating allowing them to be used with all types of braided armour cables. They are also BS 6121-1:2005 compliant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The new glands are supplied complete with a PVC shroud, which includes a banjo earthing washer for an additional earthing option, and a galvanised locknut. The glands will be available in a range of sizes – 20mm small; 20mm; 25mm; 32mm; 40mm; 50mm and 63mm. The 20mm to 32mm glands will be sold in units of two, with the remainder as single units, and they come in outer boxes containing between 5 and 25 packs depending on the size of glands required.

For more information, read more about the brass cable glands here.

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