Tamlite Lighting | xcite

Tamlite Lighting | xcite

Tamlite Lighting’s new xcite range offers British design excellence at an affordable price.

Tamlite Lighting, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and designers of lighting, has created xcite, a new, affordable range of LED lighting products.

Unlike many other LEDs on the market, the xcite range offers quality, safety, performance and reliability at a competitive price, in keeping with Tamlite’s commitment to product excellence.

xcite enables installers and end-users to make simple and quick choices on product selection for a wide range of installations including offices, schools, factories and residential buildings, all backed by the strength and assurance of one of the UK’s largest and most experienced lighting companies.

xcite includes emergency lighting, plus daylight and presence sensor lighting options. The range encompasses products for almost all applications, including recessed panels, downlights, battens and bulkheads.

For more information visit: www.xciteledlighting.co.uk

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