Product Test: Super Rod ProFit Hole Saw Kit

Product Test: Super Rod ProFit Hole Saw Kit

Norman Bradshaw tells us the hole story on the ProFit Multi-Purpose Hole Saw Kit from Super Rod.

When it comes to fitting downlights you either like doing them or you don’t. Personally, I quite enjoy it. Taking all that care and time to come up with a good lighting design and seeing it come to fruition. Then there’s the feeling of accomplishment when you switch the lights on and your clients are happy with the result. To be able to transform any kitchen, bathroom or hallway from something plain to something stunning makes what we can offer as electricians so special.

However, downlight installation can be a tricky process. There are always lots of elements to consider and obstacles to navigate like arranging the layout so that you don’t hit any joists while still achieve a lighting display that wows. It isn’t always easy to get it right, but I’ve always found that having a good set of hole saws in your toolbox really helps.

When I was asked to test out the Super Rod ProFit, I agreed, but, to be honest with you, I was not expecting any major revelations. After all, I have tested plenty of hole saws in the past and I’ve always associated Super Rod with their Rod Kits. However, I thought I may as well see how they match up and I had a few spare samples of wood knocking about that I didn’t plan on using for anything else.

I decided to cut a 76mm recessed hole in a 4” thick piece of wood, expecting that it might just snag a bit or get half way through then struggle and stop. I offered up the hole-saw to the piece of wood, pulled the trigger and the ‘ProFit did the rest. To say that it just ‘ate’ through the wood like it was plasterboard is not an overstatement.

The kit I tested comprised of 64mm, 70mm, 76mm and 80mm multipurpose hole-saws plus a 10mm HSS Centre drill bit. There are other sets available to buy but this is a good starter kit. The ProFit hole saws can also be purchased housed in a smart case.Norman-Super-Rod-April

The ‘Multi-Purpose’ set I received can be used across a wide range of materials. The blades are designed to last 10 times longer and drill five times faster than standard hole-saws blades. I can certainly vouch for the speed as it cut quickly and cleanly through MDF, plasterboard and wood without even snagging or making a mess. A busy installer would surely get their time and monies worth out of them.

Super Rod calls the system employed to attach the hole-saw as having ‘click and drill’ functionality. The words speak for themselves and I will agree that it was as easy as that. The way the tool cuts meant that it was dead easy to clean out the saw of any debris which remained inside the spool after you had finished cutting out the hole.

● Cuts faster than equivalent saws, through a variety of materials
● Very easy to remove the material left in the spool
● The saw feels durable and sturdy. It doesn’t vibrate or get jammed while cutting holes

● Not interchangeable with other hole saw arbors so would have to stick with Super Rod’s system
● Difficult to place hole saws back in the case after use

Simple idea
I have used Super Rod products in the past and have always been very pleased with their inventive attitude and keen desire to produce tools which we as electricians are proud to own. This hole saw set will not disappoint I can assure you that. With its easy locking system you will find that selecting, removing or changing the hole-saw could not be simpler. I am very pleased that I got to test this product. Never underestimate what may seem to be a simple invention, as you may, like me, have to eat your words faster than this hole-saw can drill through a 4” piece of wood.

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