The next generation of Lutron HomeWorks is here

The next generation of Lutron HomeWorks is here

Lutron’s flagship whole-home solution debuts with a new processor, ground-breaking technology, and expanded capabilities to ensure dealers’ continued growth and success. New range of keypads are coming soon to Europe.

HomeWorks by Lutron is the premier lighting and shading control solution for luxury homes around the world – and has been for decades. The next generation has arrived. Lutron is pleased to announce the European launch of the HomeWorks QSX processor. This next-generation HomeWorks system makes HomeWorks easier to design, install, activate, program, and service.

“The new HomeWorks platform sums up the ‘Lutron Difference.’ It’s a game-changing addition to our international portfolio of products and solutions,” says Nate Hagemeier, Senior Sales Director Europe and Africa at Lutron.

Global Residential Dealers will enjoy numerous system benefits, including:

-Increased processing power and memory to manage larger, more complex projects and support future capabilities;

-Compatibility with all existing HomeWorks wired QS and wireless RF devices;

-Always up to date – your customers will have the latest capabilities, device support, and security updates;

-Securely connects to third-party products with built-in Connect Bridge technology;

-Streamlines upgrades from existing HomeWorks QS systems by carrying databases forward;

-Backup and restore project databases from the cloud – helping to ensure you never lose a project file;

-High-wattage LED+ DIN module with RTISS-ICM™ withstands the most severe electrical stresses: LED in-rush, bulb blowout, and short circuit.

“We’ve made our largest ever innovation investment in HomeWorks,” says Hagemeier. “Lutron is setting the stage for the next decade of integrator success with this new line-up of products and with a new range of keypads coming soon to Europe. There’s never been a better time to be part of the Lutron family and grow your business with Lutron.”

View the technical specifications of HomeWorks QSX processor here.

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