THORNeco Unveils New Catalogue

THORNeco Unveils New Catalogue

THORNeco is thrilled to announce the release of its latest catalogue, showcasing its newest innovations! The updated product lineup includes upgrades to popular luminaires Boris, Anna, and Julie, offering even greater flexibility, efficiency, and ease of installation.

THORNeco Boris FLEX’s its Muscles!

Experience the perfect blend of power and efficiency with the Boris High Bay luminaire. Now boasting improved efficiency of up to 162lm/W, Boris offers exceptional performance with low glare (<25 UGR) for enhanced comfort. The new FLEX feature makes adjusting the lumen output easier than ever, allowing on-site customisation to meet your lighting needs.

Versatility Now Shines: Unveiling THORNeco Anna!

Say goodbye to glare and hello to cosy efficiency with the improved Anna recessed LED panel. Featuring VARIO technology for customisable colour temperature and the FLEX feature for effortless lumen adjustment, Anna offers exceptional quality and energy efficiency. Ideal for retrofit projects, Anna provides gentle, soft, and glare-free lighting, ensuring a comfortable and productive workspace.

THORNeco Julie – Clipless and Robust, Now with FLEX!

Julie is the perfect solution for indoor applications, designed for reliability and easy installation. With a clipless diffuser for increased durability and the addition of FLEX for customisable lumen output, Julie offers energy savings of over 50% compared to traditional lighting. Plus, with corridor and daylight functionality, Julie provides smart lighting solutions, reducing energy costs by only lighting spaces when needed.

Discover these exciting updates and more by downloading the new catalogue here

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