Timeguard | A much-needed boost!

Timeguard | A much-needed boost!

The latest additions to Timeguard’s BoostMaster range are big-display countdown timers that show at a glance how long is left before energy-saving automatic switch off of indoor/outdoor space heaters, immersions, or other appliances. Simply surface mount or connect to an existing back box and set any time up to 4 hours at the touch of a button. Adding extra time or over-ride is easy using the same push button.

The new Digital Boost Timers join a successful range, all easily-installed single gang devices ,which also includes  a model with integral fused spur, a WiFi timer, and an option with fused-spur safety, programmable time control and the extra Boost function all in one.

All are available exclusively through wholesalers.

View Timeguard’s full range of products here.

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