No-touch light switch allays lockdown anxiety

No-touch light switch allays lockdown anxiety

Anxiety about returning to work and play is not going to disappear overnight, but there are many ways that technology can help without breaking the bank.

While social distancing rules help to avoid viral transmission by air, an infected person can still transfer the virus just by touching their face and then touching a surface. COVID-19 has been found on plastic such as light switches are made of, up to 72 hours after being applied. Of course, regular cleaning is required, but you can also reduce the likelihood of contagion by avoiding the need to touch the switch in the first place.

A simple solution is to replace the wall-mounted light switch with one that is PIR controlled. It will detect the movement of people in a room and automatically turn lights on, only allowing them to switch of when it no longer detects anyone within their detection field.

Timeguard’s ZV810N Motion Sensor PIR Light Switch fits the bill and simply replaces an existing one- or two-way 2-wire light switch (no neutral needed). It detects movement over a full, 8m semi-circular field and, as it can handle a large 400W LED load, it is as suitable for brightly lit offices and commercial spaces as it is for domestic properties. You can adjust the time the light remains on for after people leave the detection field between a few  and a full 15 minutes, to give people ample time to reach the end of a corridor or the next detection zone, for instance, and adjust the lux level to avoid nuisance switching in good natural daylight.

IP40 protection, Class II double insulation and branded, guaranteed quality make this switch the ideal and safe choice.

View the Timeguard ZV810N Motion Sensor PIR Light Switch here.

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