Top Product 2016: Gira eNet

Top Product 2016: Gira eNet

The PE editorial team look back at some of the products that drew the most interest from our readers over the past 12 months.

Gira – eNet Radio Wall Transmitters
Gira eNet can be used to retrofit intelligent applications quickly, cleanly, and economically, without having to prise open walls to run new cables. A host of functions can be conveniently activated wirelessly (such as lighting and blinds), which can be integrated into scenarios and controlled via a range of controllers.

Because of their flat design, Gira eNet radio wall transmitters can be affixed directly to smooth surfaces such as glass. They are battery-operated, which means they don’t require a mains supply and can therefore be mounted anywhere. The Gira eNet radio remote controllers enable home technology to be freely operated from anywhere within the home.

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