Top Product 2016: Knipex ErgoStrip

Top Product 2016: Knipex ErgoStrip

The PE editorial team look back at some of the products that drew the most interest from our readers over the past 12 months.

Knipex – ErgoStrip
With the ErgoStrip you can dismantle data cables and strip coax cables. The angled shape of the tool allows it to strip all common NYM cables and the comfortable pistol grip means there is no need to change grip when disassembling. It’s ideal for work in confined spaces such as junction boxes and distribution boxes as the tapered tool ends allow for dismantling in cramped areas.

Ever with installer needs in mind, Knipex has placed location ridges on the wire stripping holes so that the correct cable position for stripping can be found intuitively – even in the dark. As the insertion points for coax and data cables are angled, with gentle pressure the cables simply slide into the correct position by themselves.

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