Top Product 2016: Havells Compact RCBOs

Top Product 2016: Havells Compact RCBOs

The PE editorial team look back at some of the products that drew the most interest from our readers over the past 12 months.

Havells Switchgear – Compact RCBOs
Havells Switchgear has developed a Compact RCBO range. Unlike standard RCBOs, the compact range has been designed to simplify installation and have less impact on cabling space in electrical distribution boards. The Compact RCBOs maximise cabling and termination space due to an impressive 25mm shorter footprint and being only 12mm longer than an MCB. Furthermore, the range is fully electronic so requires no separate earth reference wire – an additional benefit for simplifying and speeding up installation within a distribution board.

The Compact RCBOs are available in a range of sizes from 6A to 32A, in both B and C trip curves, with breaking capacity ratings of 10kA and 6kA to suit most applications. Earth leakage sensitivity is 30mA.

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