Top Product 2016: D-Line – Safe-D Clips

Top Product 2016: D-Line – Safe-D Clips

The PE editorial team look back at some of the products that drew the most interest from our readers over the past 12 months.

D-Line – Safe-D Clips
In response to legislative developments to prevent cables dropping in escape routes during fire conditions (causing potentially fatal entanglements), D-Line created Safe-D Clips to enable easy compliance. The fully tested and certified clips have rounded corners and wide pliable tabs which users can easily fold-over cables. They are passivated for fixing direct to surfaces, or in PVC trunkings up to 50mm wide, and can withstand 970°C for two hours.

Safe-D Clips can be secured by shot-fired nails which preclude any need for plastic wall plugs which can melt in fire.

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