Watch: Chauvin Arnoux Qualistar+

Watch: Chauvin Arnoux Qualistar+

Discover the ergonomics, simple operation and performance features of the Chauvin Arnoux Qualistar+.

The Chauvin Arnoux Qualistar+ electrical network power and quality analyser can be used for quick testing of your electrical network and effective analysis of the results. As well as a few minor improvements, version V4 of the Qualistar+ includes several major new functions:

  • Inrush 10 min: the instrument stores a 10-minute Inrush recording for all the voltages, the current and the frequency.
  • Recording of Peakvalues: the Peak + and – values are now recorded.
  • Night mode: a display mode with a black screen background for greater user comfort. Users can choose the type of display to suit their preferences.

The backlit 320×240 (1/4 VGA) pixel graphic liquid crystal screen displays all measurements with their curves, the parameters of the unit, the curves selected, the instantaneous values of the signals, and the type of measurement selected. When the device is powered up, it automatically displays the Waveform Screen.

A retractable stand on the back of the Chauvin Arnoux Qualistar+ can be used to hold the device in a tilted position.


  • Real-time display of waveforms, harmonics, power and recordings
  • Trend recording on several hundred different parameters over a period of weeks
  • Storage of thousands of Alarm events
  • Capture of transients lasting as little as a few µs
  • Load Inrush capture
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