Watch: Impact PipePower Threader

Watch: Impact PipePower Threader

Impact PipePower is an easy to use tool that simply attaches to an impact wrench or driver by a 13mm socket and will thread any conduit pipe up to 25mm in diameter.

Impact PipePower gives you the ease of carrying a pipe threader and driver in the same piece of kit. Each kit is supplied with its own carrycase with 20mm and 25mm guides, 20mm and 25mm die and holder. The threader works off impact energy of over 1000 bumps per minute, slowly turning the die and resulting in a neat and clean thread to the same standard as heavy machinery or traditional pipe threading.

There’s no need to buy a unit when the die eventually wears. All you have to do is replace the die and you’re good to go again. The guides and dies are interchangeable and replaced with ease.

You do not need the traditional method of two turns forward and one back. Impact PipePower keeps going forward until you reach your desired length. You will save at least 50% of your time, just make sure you add plenty of oil prior to threading!


Product specification

  • 20mm and 25mm size guide
  • 20mm and 25mm HSS die
  • To be used on Impact Drivers/Wrenches over 180NM torque
  • Use with CT-90 Cutting Fluid or Mechanical Tapping Oil (recommended)
  • Chrome Vanadium
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