Watch: Thorn Lighting Wembley Stadium

Watch: Thorn Lighting Wembley Stadium

Thorn has been a lighting partner to Wembley Stadium since the 1970s, originally illuminating the Empire Stadium.

The first ever project between Thorn and Wembley was the installation of the floodlighting for the pitch in 1972. Fast forward, in 2005 Thorn equipped the new stadium with the vast majority of its luminaires. In 2004 Thorn achieved full approval to supply lighting to Wembley Stadium following a successful tender process.

Most recently, Thorn’s bespoke lighting solution for Wembley’s iconic arch has leveraged the benefits of connectivity to transform the fan experience using colour and social media engagement. Just as importantly, Thorn’s relationship with Wembley is about revisiting other areas of the stadium with Wembley’s sustainability team to help improve light quality and reduce energy use and maintenance.

A UEFA category four stadium, Wembley Stadium hosts major football matches as well as other major sporting and music events. It is the largest stadium in the UK and the second largest in Europe.

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