WernerCo expands BoSS Pod range

WernerCo expands BoSS Pod range

The UK’s leading manufacturer of ladders and access towers, WernerCo, has expanded its range of BoSS® Pod low-level podiums with the addition of the BoSS Pod 1500.


Designed for working at fixed height for long durations, the BoSS Pod 1000 and new 1500 model are heavy-duty podiums offering an all in one solution specialised for single person use, ideal for adhering to social distancing guidelines.


Thanks to the addition of the new 1500 model, tradesmen can now easily choose from two different platform heights; whilst the BoSS Pod 1000 offers a safe working height of 2.95m, the new 1500 enables users to reach up to 3.45m.


For ease of use, essential safety features such as the stabilisers, ladder and deck on both the BoSS Pod 1000 and new 1500 are permanently retained, eliminating the risk of misplacing parts or using them incorrectly. The compact all in one solution includes pivoting stabilisers that allow the user to work in the right position no matter the job and an integrated ladder for easy ascending and descending.


To allow users to work comfortably and safely facing any direction, the BoSS Pod is designed with a safety gate to provide 360­º protection. Additionally, the unique patented gravity hinge mechanism enables the gate to close automatically, allowing hands free access. Should it be required, a Toe Board Kit is also available as an optional extra.


Sophie Ellam, Product Manager for BoSS, said: “When working at height, safety is always top priority. But comfort and ease of use are also essential, especially when working for prolonged periods.


“This expansion of the BoSS Pod is another example of how we are looking to combine the latest intuitive safety measures with the best in usability, with features like the fully pivoting stabilisers and our patented gravity hinge mechanism enabling users to be more productive. The BoSS Pod also help us meet demand for the single user access equipment, which is now more important than ever as tradesmen continue to adhere to social distancing measures in the workplace.”


The new BoSS Pods are constructed from lightweight aluminium for stability and comply with BS8620:2016, the latest British Standard for Low-Level Work Platforms.


To find out more about WernerCo and its comprehensive range of BoSS access towers, click here.

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