Yale unveils new Heavy Duty Van Lock

Yale unveils new Heavy Duty Van Lock

Trusted home security expert, Yale, has recently unveiled its latest product to help van and truck drivers improve the security of their vehicles.

Introducing the Yale Heavy Duty Van Lock

The Yale Heavy Duty Van Lock has been designed by utilising the brand’s expertise in the security sector, creating an extra-strength solution to boost the protection of a range of larger vehicles and outdoor applications. From vans, trucks, gates, garages, sheds and outward-opening double doors, the new Van Lock has been rigorously tested to ensure heightened security against a range of attack methods.

The key features

Yale’s most recent addition features a zinc body padlock, utilised to offer added strength for outdoor applications, and a 6-pin cylinder, providing superior protection against lock picking attacks.

Alongside this superior strength design, the Van Lock also has the benefit of a black powder-coated, heavy duty steel hasp. This feature has been added to provide significant protection against forcible attacks, whilst also reducing the risk of corrosion with outdoor use.

With three keys included in the kit for added peace of mind, the new Heavy Duty Van Lock also comes with fixing bolts and a step by step instruction manual for quick and easy installation.

Heightened security

With 38% of police forces in the UK seeing an increase in van theft between 2020 and 2021*, improved vehicle security has never been more important.

Responding to these current threats, Yale has designed the Van Lock under rigorous testing conditions to offer superior strength for its users.

Passing the 10,000 cycle test, Yale’s Van Lock can guarantee a long product life, whilst its corrosion testing also offers protection in all weather conditions.

Following the passing of these tests and the EN12320 standard, the new Van Lock has achieved the CEN grade 3 standard to ensure a high level of protection, offering security for both vehicles and the home.

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