Answering key questions on the FESS Experienced Worker Assessment | NET

Answering key questions on the FESS Experienced Worker Assessment | NET

Following the launch of the FESS Experienced Worker Assessment, we get answers to some of the key questions that installers will want to know regarding the assessment process.

In last month’s edition of PE the new FESS Experienced Worker Assessment was introduced to readers. It was developed by National Electrotechnical Training (NET), at the request of a fire industry group including the FSA, BSIA, FIA, SSAIB, FESS Employer Group and SELECT, all of which also helped to plan and develop the assessment.

To recap, it’s a way for fire industry workers to gain formal recognition for their skills. You must typically have a minimum of five years’ experience in the industry, to ensure you have the range of knowledge and skills to complete the assessment.

There are three sections to complete:

1. Digital Assessment: you must carry out a range of tasks and upload evidence to the NETassess system. These tasks are verified by an ‘authorised person’ and independently assessed by NET.

2. Safe Isolation: this task must be carried out at a NET licensed centre.

3. Online Assessment: a multiple-choice online assessment that tests your knowledge in range of industry areas, carried out in a NET licensed centre.

Full details are on the NET website, but to provide some more detail behind the assessment, here are some commonly asked questions:

Q. I don’t work in all areas of fire and security, can I still do the assessment?

Yes – you can choose a specific pathway to reflect the work you carry out on-site. Select from installation; commissioning; maintenance; installation and commissioning combined, or a full pathway if you work across all specialisms. The checklists on the NET website map out what you’ll need to evidence for your chosen pathway.

Q. What standard am I being assessed against?

The Level 3 FESS Apprenticeship Standard – the requirements of the Experienced Worker Assessment mirror this.

Q. Why do I need an Authorised Person – who is this?

The Authorised Person must verify that the work you upload has been carried out by you and is not anyone else’s work. They must be technically competent in the process or skills that they are providing testimony for, to at least the same level of expertise as you. This could be a team leader, supervisor, colleague, manager or other suitable person (e.g. an independent auditor) who can be regarded as a suitable witness to your competence. You’ll be asked to nominate your Authorised Person during the application process; they will have to upload identification and proof of position. NET will then carry out checks on this information, the Authorised Person’s credentials and their suitability to verify your work.

Q. The video evidence from my workplace – how far back can I go?

You cannot use historical evidence. We require current recorded evidence from projects you’re working on throughout the 12-month lifespan of the assessment, starting from the date you register for the EWA.

Q. Who is my assessor?

You will be assigned a qualified NET assessor once you have uploaded all your workplace evidence and it is verified by your Authorised Person. Your NET assessor will be an experienced industry professional qualified to assess to Level 3 standard.

Q. What ECS card will I be eligible for?

Depending on your chosen assessment you’ll be eligible for a FESS Systems Technician ECS gold card (if you complete the full pathway) or a FESS ECS cross hatch card (for individual pathways).

To get more details and FAQs about the FESS EWA click here

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