Made 2 Measure: how do you deal with harmonics? | Megger

Made 2 Measure: how do you deal with harmonics? | Megger

The technical team at Megger answer the latest equipment-related query.

You ask:
I often work on industrial systems and recently I’ve been noticing that some cables are getting warm, even though they’re properly sized and terminated correctly. What could be causing this and how can I check on it?

Megger says:
It sounds like you may possibly have harmonics being generated in the system. These are produced by non-linear loads like variable speed drives, computers and LED lighting systems, all of which are becoming increasingly common. A good way to check for harmonics is to use the new Megger DPM1000 power clamp meter, which has fully insulated jaws so it can be used on uninsulated cables and busbars as well as on insulated cables. It measures total harmonic distortion and the levels of individual harmonics up to the 25th. And it’s not only for measuring harmonics – it also measures AC and DC voltage up to 1,000V, AC and DC current up to 1,000A, as well as resistance, frequency, capacitance, power factor and much more. Up to 9,999 results can be stored in the internal memory and then transferred via Bluetooth to external devices using the new Megger Link iOS and Android App. The DPM1000 also has a CAT IV 600V safety rating, so it’s suitable for use on all parts of low voltage installations, even in industrial environments.

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