Chauvin Arnoux’s new CA 1900 thermal camera offers quick and reliable results

Chauvin Arnoux’s new CA 1900 thermal camera offers quick and reliable results

Chauvin Arnoux’s new CA 1900 no‐contact thermal camera offers a simple, quick and reliable way for detecting whether individuals have an abnormally high body temperature, making it an invaluable aid for controlling the spread of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases. Capable of measuring temperatures between +30 °C and +45 °C, this infrared camera has an accuracy of ± 0.5 °C. Results are gathered in less than one second and are displayed instantly.


Without contact and complying with the recommended distance of 1.5 metres between the operator and the person tested, the CA 1900 measures and shows each person’s temperature in real time on the screen. And depending on the requirements, the operator can adjust the value of the temperature measured to compensate for the difference between body and skin temperatures. Operators can also safely use the CA 1900 to take the temperature of the inner corner of the eye, which delivers a more accurate and dependable result.


To notify the operator of any abnormally high temperature, the CA 1900 infrared camera offers two warning alarms, one audible and the other visual. Persons who might be carrying infections are thus identified immediately.


For added convenience, the CA 1900 is supplied, as standard, with a tripod insert. In addition, thanks to its exceptional battery life, this thermographic infrared camera can operate continuously for up to nine hours. This is particularly useful for detecting high skin temperatures and providing quick preliminary fever testing for large numbers of people in the shortest possible time.


“Our newly-developed thermal camera is a reliable alternative to thermometers for environments where accurate data is required fast – such as restaurants, schools, offices and other public places”, explained Julian Grant of Chauvin Arnoux. “We developed this solution as we believe that maintaining high levels of safety during the Covid-19 pandemic is essential for all of us. With the CA 1900 testing can be done from a safe distance and results are visible within a second, which is a great benefit as it can help reduce exposure to infected individuals.”

View the full technical specification for the CA 1900 here.

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