Smart building control – why you need to invest in your skills | KNX UK

Smart building control – why you need to invest in your skills | KNX UK

We all know that we need to keep our skills up-to-date but when you’re running a business day-to-day you need to invest your time and money wisely. So, what are your best options? The experts at KNX UK advise.

Looking at the market trends, it is clear that smart building control is the way ahead – but which way should you turn without sticking to low-margin installation jobs or tying yourself to one manufacturer?

An interoperable future

Increasingly, the new generation of professionals are looking to designing and integrating systems that will be future-proof and flexible and create long-term customer relationships with opportunities for seamless upgrades and maintenance. That’s why KNX is gaining so much traction in the UK with over 1,000 trained and qualified professionals, a number that grows every week thanks to the well-established UK training academies. Kit Holmes of Newcastle-based MyKNXStore explains: “KNX is an established, global building control platform providing holistic control of all building functions, including lighting, blinds, HVAC, scenes, door entry and so much more under one user-friendly system. You can integrate as much or as little as you like – its wonderfully scalable “Rather than a single brand, KNX is an open protocol supported by over 500 certified manufacturers, producing every control device you will need with all of them guaranteed to be interoperable. That’s going to be true now and, in the future, because backwards compatibility is a condition of certification for new devices.” He adds: “A KNX system is never out of date – you can always add to it or swap devices in and out as customer requirements change over the years.” KNX caters for all project sizes, budgets and design preferences. With wired, RF and IP installation methods it is well suited for both new build and retrofit markets. So, if you’re going to spend money on boosting your own skills and opening up new opportunities, KNX is looking like a sensible choice. It will control the homes, offices and factories you work on, but it won’t control you! You will remain free to develop your skills and your business as you see fit.

Where to start

Most KNX professionals start with a KNX Taster course – these are typically free and you can enrol online at this current moment in time. The next step is usually a hands-on KNX Partner Certification course to learn how to use the software tool used to integrate control devices into a KNX installation, usually taking 4 or 5 days. The various KNX training academies in the UK also offer follow up courses specific to, for example, HVAC. In addition, there are also troubleshooting and skills-honing sessions that will help to keep you ahead of the game.

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