The Training Ground: What are the red flags to avoid when researching electrical training courses? | TESP

The Training Ground: What are the red flags to avoid when researching electrical training courses? | TESP

I see so many adverts making outrageous claims about becoming qualified when it’s clear that the course will not give someone the proper skills to work in the industry – what can be done about this?

The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership regularly receives complaints from individuals who have spent considerable amounts on courses that look impressive to the untrained eye, but on closer inspection don’t deliver the skills and knowledge to become qualified. The customer is left significantly out of pocket and extremely distressed, often tied into an expensive finance agreement.

Carefully worded communications

As ‘electrician’ is not a protected term or licenced occupation, unfortunately training providers can offer these misleading packages which are often accompanied by careful wording. Unless they make a specific claim, such as qualifying for an ECS gold card, it can be difficult to take action. TESP’s focus is therefore on trying to stop people signing up in the first place. We’ve been raising awareness via our ‘Rogue Trainers’ campaign – providing advice on the proper ways to become qualified and the red flags to avoid when researching training courses.

Look for the danger signs

Danger signs include practical training being delivered via a third party, expensive loan agreements, providing limited information, or pushy sales tactics that press you into a decision without time to think. We’ve been contacted by many who have fallen foul of such tactics; they’re keen for others to avoid falling into the same situation. You and others can help by making people aware of the Rogue Trainers advice available via the TESP website. This could be via your friends, local community networks or social media groups where we can reach people looking to change career.

The more people that spread the word, the more we can forewarn and forearm individuals with the advice they need when looking for electrical training.

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