Incorporating Surge Protection into installations

Incorporating Surge Protection into installations

The team at Lewden tell us how the incorporation of Surge Protection in installations is made easier with their Retrofit Surge Protection Unit.

In addition to the range of SPDs in Type 2 and Combined Type 1,2 & 3, Lewden has introduced a new Retrofit Surge Protection Unit that meets with the requirements of the 18th edition regulations BS7671:2018 section 534.

This easy to install, self-contained metal enclosure connects in parallel to the existing consumer unit without any need for modification to the unit and has been designed for retro-fitting application to provide protection of electrical appliances against impulse surges where it is not possible to accommodate an SPD directly within the existing consumer unit due to space limitation.

It is primarily suited to installations located in an urban area without an external lightning protection system and fed from an underground power source. Suitable for TN-C-S (PME), TN-S, and TT earthing arrangements, this unit incorporates a Type 2 SPD, offering protection against switching transients and the secondary effects of an indirect lightning strike.

Designed for residential application only on a single phase 230V supply, this unit is suitable for positioning at the origin of an electrical installation, providing protection for all distribution circuits and includes a main switch and 32A MCB, providing circuit protection, and disconnection of the surge protector for testing or end of life replacement.

For the convenience of the electrical installers, Lewden has also introduced a Surge Protection Kit comprising of an SPD, 32A MCB and a set of cables for Lewden Consumer Units.

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