Wylex Consumer Units with A Type RCDs

Wylex Consumer Units with A Type RCDs

The team at Wylex tell us how their new consumer unit models comply with the latest regulations.

Today’s typical domestic installation will have 30mA RCD protection on every circuit, but another new regulation in the 18th Edition (411.3.4) has extended the use of these 30mA RCDs to include all lighting circuits in dwellings.

Lighting circuits should not be grouped with power circuits on one RCD. Lighting circuits, like other essential such as smoke alarms ought to be on individually protected circuits to remain on when other circuits are faulty. (See Chapter 31 Division of the Installation.)

Wylex has created new consumer unit models with spaces for RCBOs and with Type A 30mA RCDs rated at either 100A or 80A. These products are ideal for applications where Type A RCDs are more appropriate, and 100A devices are preferred.

These new products complement the existing range of consumer units, all of which are suited to 18th Edition applications too. The new units are available in a variety of configurations including Split Load, High Integrity, and Dual RCD.

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