Honeywell | The Age of Smart Security

Honeywell | The Age of Smart Security

Honeywell’s Emma Segelov explores the increasing number of opportunities that connected home security presents for electricians.

The latest crime statistics show that residential burglaries accounted for almost 400,000 crimes from July2015 – June 2016, leaving more than half a million victims in their wake.

The good news is that there are now a number of affordable and innovative crime prevention devices on the market. In line with the development of most other home appliances, many are now compatible with the smart and connected technology provided by smartphones and tablets, giving users even greater control over their property’s security, as well as allowing them to be integrated with other services in the home.

New revenue stream
For electricians, this new generation of home alarm system represents a great opportunity to create a new revenue stream and refresh their offering to customers, many of whom are becoming increasingly aware of ‘the internet of things’ and the benefits it can bring.

Security alarms are one of a whole range of smart technology solutions a homeowner might choose to invest in, from speaker systems and televisions, right through to thermostats, fridges and lighting.

These alarms centre on a hub which can be controlled quickly, easily and remotely via a smartphone or tablet – and this is important when you consider that these devices are quickly becoming the remote control of choice for the YouTube generation.

In much the same way as you might record your favourite TV programme on the go, bespoke smart home Apps now offer the opportunity for homeowners to control and monitor various elements of their home, such as their heating, with a simple swipe or tap of a screen.

This means that whether you’re abroad on holiday, out of the city for the weekend, or simply staying late at work, you can monitor your home to ensure that your property and all the possessions inside are safe and secure until you return.

“While basic smart security systems can be created to include core elements, such as internal sirens and motion sensors, optional extras can be included to help homeowners to create bespoke configurations for their property.”

Tailored offering
Because these systems are often modular, they offer a great chance for homeowners to tailor them to suit their property, while also offering an ideal opportunity for electricians themselves to upsell and expand over time.

This is vitally important in an age where professional electricians have got used to specifying more precise configurations across a broad range of product categories, with purchases now being tailored to a customer’s exact needs and tastes – whether that happens to be a new bathroom, kitchen, car or, in our case, security system.

While basic smart security systems can be created to include core elements, such as internal sirens and motion sensors, optional extras can be included to help homeowners to create bespoke configurations for their property. This also provides flexibility, with homeowners able to incorporate further accessories as the needs of their home or family change.

These can include items to increase reassurance while you’re away from the home, such as additional sensors, which can report back when glass is broken or motion is captured. Because these systems are smart, the information can be relayed back to your mobile phone to ensure that you’re able to act on it without delay.

Equally they can help to increase a sense of security within the home for vulnerable residents. Older homeowners might benefit from a panic button, for example, which they can then use to activate the siren if they’re in distress.

And these systems can also be expanded outwards to take in garages or sheds – this is important
when you consider that many homeowners choose to store items of high value outside their home, with these spaces being used to house everything from cars and motorcycles to bicycles and sports equipment.

An ‘evo’lution
Honeywell’s evohome security is one such product which enables homeowners to smarten up their security system, and comes with added benefits such as pet-immune motion sensors to prevent false alerts and cameras that can take a snapshot when an alarm is activated.

Homeowners can integrate their system with their heating controls through the Total Connect Comfort App, marking a fundamental step towards a truly connected smart  home. Among other functions, this allows homeowners to reduce the temperature of the home when the alarm is activated, and increase when deactivated, therefore helping customers to manage their heating and control their energy bills.

The demand for smart, connected homes is increasing, and this is the ideal time for electricians to get on board.

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