“How’s the Traffic?” asks Stroma

“How’s the Traffic?” asks Stroma

Stroma Certification shares some top tips for getting more customers to your website.

An indicator of a successful website is how much business an electrician can generate from it. In order to increase enquiries through your website, you need to make sure that customers can find your business online, but managing a website can also be a very time consuming and often expensive undertaking.

To help you drive more customers to your website and win more work, therefore, here are a few helpful tips:

Content & SEO
One way to increase the chances of customers seeing your website is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This involves creating suitable wording and information on each web page to attract your customers so that you can achieve a high ranking position on search engine results. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing tend to be the most popular methods of locating a reputable electrician, with a large number of prospective customers using the internet every day, so it’s important to consider SEO throughout your website.

SEO is a specialist web design technique. If your website is managed by an agency or a web developer then SEO may be included as part of the service they provide. However, it can be costly and time consuming to get right so there are other techniques you can try.

You might think that advertising and websites are two completely different things. In fact, advertising your business is really helpful in bringing customers to your website. There are still many people who read national or local newspapers on a daily or weekly basis, using the directory or classified section to find a local electrician. These are available in print and often digitally via websites and apps.

Creating a short advertisement with a brief overview of your services, including your contact details and website address, can encourage customers to visit your website for more information. Including offers which are redeemable via your website on these ads is also a great way to gain interest from prospective
customers and increase visits to your site.


Leaflets & branding
Printing reading material carries a cost but you can use leaflets to increase word of mouth recommendations and make more customers aware of your website. Producing a short leaflet or flyer with an overview of your services to hand out to customers can help you to introduce your business to them (including a link to your website to refer to for further information). Updating other aspects of your business such as your email footer, business cards and vehicle branding to include your web address can also help you to attract customers online.

NEED HELP? Stroma offers a web design service which can help you with driving traffic to your website. If you’d like more information or advice for your business, please contact our expert team.

Recommendation sites
Registering your business on a trade recommendation site is also a great way to link back to your website and engage with customers actively looking for electricians in their local area. Word of mouth and peer recommendations are extremely powerful in winning more customers. Often a customer will look to these websites to check whether an electrician is rated well by other homeowners before they invest in any services.

An example is TrustMark, where approved tradespersons can gain membership in order to be listed on their approved search engine. Stroma Certification offers TrustMark membership for just £50 (+VAT) for electricians to register their business on an industry approved site and provide their company with an acknowledged quality mark. Electricians also gain a vital link through to their website. This is called an ‘inbound’ link and will also help Google to rate your website more highly.

Want to know more?
There is a wide and varied range of ways in which you can increase the traffic to your website and this article has tried to illustrate some methods you might consider. There are also many other techniques we’ve not had space to consider. Some of these, like SEO, are quite technical and time demanding, so they’re difficult to get right without the proper support.

For more information on the range of services available from Stroma Certification visit: www.stroma.com/certification

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