Rointe’s Fantastic Five

Rointe’s Fantastic Five

Rointe runs through the five trends to look out for in the heating sector this year.

The heating sector, when talking about both domestic and larger projects, is undergoing major changes. This is mainly resulting from the introduction of new European regulations such as the recent implementation of the ERP standard as well as the demand for products that are more ecological, beautiful, dynamic, and controllable. Rointe is a company with over 30 years’ experience in the world of electric heating and, taking into account all these details, we decided to welcome the new 2016-2017 heating campaign by examining five of the most important trends that will define the market this year.

1. Energy efficiency
Users are demanding more products that are able to offer maximum power and heat transfer but with an increasingly lower energy consumption. Also, European regulations, like ERP, are pushing for products that use renewable energy such as electricity from hydro and wind power plants and provide easily accessible consumption information. Rointe meets all the challenges in energy efficiency with its new D Series with DELTA Ultimate Technology product range which is the first in the world to incorporate an internal Wi-Fi module in its radiators and towel rail heaters. This allows the user to have access to all the features of each product from a mobile, computer or tablet thanks to the patented E•Life technology.

2. Design and innovation
In today’s world, aesthetics and innovation need to come hand in hand. Homes, restaurants, hotels etc. all demand efficient heating as well as beautiful design with curved lines which turn radiators and towel Rointe-Rangerails into a sleek product for any room. Beauty, design and innovation are three concepts which Rointe has included in its products for a long time. In fact, for our latest product line we have incorporated a curved line design and the material is 100% cast aluminum which now comes in any RAL colour making this range one of the most customisable in the whole sector.

3. Automation and controllability
We are in the era of automation and the application of smart technology at home. You will see more and more product and appliances with the capability for connectivity and automation that users will be able to control where ever they are in the world. The D Series allows users to fully control the products via a mobile App. They can manage the temperature of their entire house if they want to. The programming possibilities are limitless.

4. Usability
Making new technology available and accessible to end users is a challenge for all the great IT geniuses! The better the tech the more needs to be done by manufacturers to ensure the products are easy to install and use. Rointe has ease of use and convenience in mind when considering how to control its products. We have a control panel built into each radiator or towel rail, we offer integral remote controls which can be used with all our products or we have the “Rointe Connect” App for computers, mobile phones or tablets. It has never been so easy to manage a heating system with so many different management options.

5. Comfort & safety
Safety and comfort are two of the most important considerations for families. We have incorporated the latest advances in terms of safety in our radiators (they do not burn you on direct contact, can be locked and be controlled remotely so you can check from anywhere in the world if you have left the radiator on and switch it off).

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