Stroma Certification | How to get More Business

Stroma Certification | How to get More Business
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Are you on the hunt to win more electrical work? The experts at Stroma Certification look at some of the areas where you should be looking to cast your net.

As an electrician working in an ever-competitive market, it can often be difficult to achieve and maintain a consistent workload. If you’re familiar with this particular story then here are some useful tips that can help you to become more accessible to your customers to ensure you obtain more work:

Word-of-mouth recommendations

Many consumers rely on the recommendation of a trusted friend, colleague or family member before employing an electrician. Although there are numerous avenues available to find an electrician, word-of-mouth recommendations are very rewarding and still remain a common way for an electrician to achieve more work.

Maintaining professionalism and competent standards throughout all aspects of your work ensures your customers are more likely to endorse your services to other potential clients.


TrustMark is the only government-endorsed ‘find a tradesperson’ scheme that offers membership to a varied range of tradespersons, including electricians. The TrustMark website hosts a search engine with a postcode search function, enabling customers to find and employ electricians in their local area.

Members of TrustMark can display an industry-acknowledged mark of quality, promoting confidence within your
customers that your work is compliant and safe. Customers can leave reviews on your company listing, increasing the likelihood of you obtaining more work as a highly-rated electrician.

Directories and search engines

In addition to TrustMark, there are a number of alternative online search engines which electricians can list their
services on. Many printed directories (such as Yellow Pages and Thomson Local) are now available online so electricians should consider listing their services on as many of these as possible in order to increase visibility to potential customers.

Stroma Certification has a ‘find a member’ facility on its website, where certified members of our schemes can list
their business. Customers can use this tool to find a local electrician, as well as checking that they’re a certified member of Stroma Certification and to verify the level of scope which they’re certified for.


There are a range of other platforms available in which you can advertise your business to obtain more work.
Printed literature is often a popular method, including adverts in your local newspaper or the business directories which are often issued to homes in your town.

You can also produce flyers, leaflets and business cards which you can distribute to businesses and the surrounding area to where you’re working, as well as asking your customers to place your business cards and literature on their noticeboards at work and in local clubs as a recommended electrician.

Printed literature can often be beneficial as potential customers have something tangible which reminds them of
your services, or to offer to others.

Do your research

Carrying out some research can be beneficial in helping you to find additional work. Local Authorities publish lists of upcoming local developments and planning applications which may require electrical work. You can introduce your services to the developer or householder and hopefully build a relationship which enables you to secure future work.

Contributing to online forums with electrical expertise can also help you to introduce your business, while reviewing other electricians in your area allows you to identify what additional services you can provide to give you an edge on the competition.

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