Time is Money According to Electrorad

Time is Money According to Electrorad

Richard Brown, Managing Director at Electrorad, asserts the importance of selecting reliable products that ensure you can save time on installation and complete your jobs quickly.

Whether you’re the owner of an electrical contracting firm or an employee, the saying ‘time is money’ applies to us all. Recent research shows that although construction productivity has increased since the last recession, only 40% of projects were completed on time in the last 12 months. The electrical heating industry is no exception. It’s not uncommon for projects to be held up awaiting either products, parts or skilled electricians. Being ‘second fix’ onsite also means that delays can occur simply waiting for other parts of the building to be completed.

Such delays can have a significant impact on a business; especially for smaller companies. Not only are you prevented from moving on to other jobs and left having to juggle staff and materials, more importantly your costs can escalate. Equally, the ensuing damage to your reputation as a result of poor customer service doesn’t bear thinking about. However, when you’re always working against the clock, just how do you find time to save time?

Choose the right products
When you’re working to a tight deadline, confidence in your products can make all the difference. Product selection has a massive impact on getting the job done quickly; after all, the last thing you need is a faulty radiator or a part that can cause setbacks or even callbacks.

To avoid this, it pays to only source those products that have passed rigid quality assurance checks prior to despatch. Better still, buy yourself and your customer complete peace of mind by installing only those radiators that feature a whole host of advanced technical features. Some models, such as Electrorad’s Aeroflow range, even come with a 30-year warranty. Covering all internal components, excluding thermostat, this warranty is the most comprehensive of its kind in the industry and offers a true fit-and forget solution. Also, by sourcing quality products from a reputable supplier, you can be assured that the same radiators will be available at a later date if an extension to the system is needed, and that spare parts or replacements will always be readily available.


Invest in training
It’s well known that regular training not only helps develop your competitive edge, it ensures that you have a highly skilled workforce offering the best levels of service to your customers. Having a team with the right skills for the job is the best way to keep control over schedules, minimise delays, and to keep projects on track. With a properly trained workforce you’re less likely to experience mistakes that cost time and money, so you can deliver real value to your customers. Also, by expanding your skills to new areas, you can deliver additional value to your customers and unlock new business opportunities at the same time. Take wireless remote control, Wi-Fi and app technology for electric radiators, for example. Are you up to speed with the latest developments in this fast-growing sector of the market?

Some manufacturers offer installer training courses that cover every stage of the installation through to customer care and sales and marketing, enabling you to provide the best service possible. They also present a great way to grow your business.

“A good supplier will provide a core range of products that are always available, thereby saving you time and enabling you to get on with the job at hand.”

Choose the right supplier
There’s nothing more frustrating than being let down on a delivery. Not only does it scupper your installation plans, it leaves your customer frustrated and potentially without heating. Therefore, it’s vital that you’re able to access the right products for the job in good time. A good supplier will provide a core range of products that are always available, thereby saving you time and enabling you to get on with the job at hand. When working on a large project, enlisting the services of suppliers who can provide incremental deliveries are also worth their weight in gold, as you get the quantities you need and when you need them. A reputable supplier will also have invested time and energies in sourcing a comprehensive range of products that are competitively priced, leaving you with a ready-made range of electric radiators suitable to showcase to customers.

‘Construction 2025’ is a government initiative that aims to improve project delivery times by 50% in the next 10 years. It’s an ambitious target, but if we all work together to achieve it, there’s no doubt that faster completion rates will benefit you as a business and the industry as a whole. When you’re constantly up against the clock, it can be hard to find ways of working smarter and saving time. However, by being savvy with the radiators you recommend, by choosing your suppliers wisely, and by investing in ongoing training, you will be future-proofing the property with the preferred fuel of the future, and the only thing that will be governing the clock is you!

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