Trunking With D-Line

Trunking With D-Line

The time old practice of channelling walls may be standard practice but it isn’t always what’s best for the customer, or even best for you, according to D-Line.

Channelling walls or floors to carry out electrical works is time-consuming, dirty and takes experience to do tidily. It is inherently messy and generally requires coordination with other trades such as plasterers and decorators.

Once the electrical part of the installation is complete, the often pains-staking process of ‘making good’ requires you to turn your hand to plastering, or pay a friendly sub-contractor to help – cutting into profit either if you have to do the work or the coordination.

If you are tackling it yourself, the added headache of buying plastering products also means time out of your day. These products can easily ‘go off’ before you next need them, again proving wasteful and costly. Then there is the question as to who does the decoration.

One especially difficult challenge is getting AV and other cables around chimney breasts and fireplaces – a task made even harder where there is a hard tiled or laminate floor in place.

For installations or retro-fits such as TVs, audio-visual products and smart controls in particular, wires concealed in walls can actually be detrimental because they are difficult to access if the appliance or system has faults, breaks down, needs updating or when the owner/tenant is moving house and wants to remove it.

Along with these your customer may have a host of reservations, including:

  • they are put-off by the likely mess and dust created by the job
  • the walls are old and the installation could cause extensive damage
  • will the new work interfere with an existing damp-proofing works guarantee
  • the time taken to co-ordinate a date with a plasterer as well as potential delays
  • they don’t want to decorate the room after the wall has been channelled and plastered
  • the overall job is liable to be very time consuming, therefore expensive and may drag on

All of these can see you losing the job, and therefore the income. There is another way, one that combats all of the above – saving you time money and winning you work! This is especially so if you are offering a unique service – one that gets the job done in one visit with little or no mess!

The solution
D-Line decorative ½-circle Mini trunking has been specially designed to hide cables, be as discrete as possible, incredibly easy and fast to install.

Other than the word ‘trunking’ it has very little in common with the square trunking that you, and most of your customers are probably familiar with. D-Line is a sleek, modern, single-piece extrusion with a tension-set hinge that retain cables to aid with installation and a patented click-lock lid which securely holds cables in place while allowing future accessibility.


Lengths are all fitted with a quality, tried-and-tested self-adhesive tape allowing peel and stick application – so virtually no mess. If you require it can also be mechanically-fixed – we recommend this especially close to switches and sockets.

A full array of unique clip-over or smooth-fit accessories negates the need to mitre-cut corners and bends, further speeding up your perfect installation. The extensive accessory range includes colour matched single and twin surface boxes to complete your power point installations seamlessly.

To get over the fireplace/chimney breast challenge, we also have a range of ¼ round extrusions and accessories which mimic the scotia that may already be in place. It comes in white, oak wood grain effect and even a stainable veneered version so it can be coloured to the same shade as the skirting and/or flooring.

D-Line is available in a wide range of profile sizes and colours meaning the optimum product can be chosen to either blend with current décor, or makes a coveted statement.

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