High Score for Honeywell’s Lyric T6R

High Score for Honeywell’s Lyric T6R

Honeywell’s Lyric T6R has scored an impressive 73/100 in a ‘Tried and Tested’ product review conducted by the Good Housekeeping Institute, with experts praising its affordability, ease of use and innovative features.

A Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) expert said: “One of the more cost-effective devices on the market, you can use either the thermostat itself or you can use the uncluttered smartphone app to adjust your heating. It’s a self-learning device too, so it works out what temperature you like your home at a specific time and it determines exactly when the heating needs to come on to achieve this.”

The GHI expert added: “It’s simple to use, connecting to the internet and allowing you to switch your heating on or off even when you’re not at home. We love that it’s got a geo-fence function, so it knows when the last person has left and it’ll switch the heating off. Even better, you can adjust the size of the geo-fence too!

“The screen of the thermostat has a lock to prevent children accidentally adjusting the temperature, while the disable screen function means you easily clean the thermostat’s screen without messing up any of the settings by mistake.”

“It’s great to receive a positive review from them and see that they gave the Lyric T6 a good score.”

Designed to feature all the best elements of today’s modern home products, the Lyric T6R thermostat can be managed remotely on a tablet or smartphone via a dedicated Lyric app. It is compatible with both Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo, and offers smart energy saving features.  In addition, it has integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, and its modern touchscreen display uses universal icons.

For added convenience, the Lyric T6R also features location-based temperature control (geo-fencing) that senses when the homeowner is leaving or returning to the property and adjusts the heating accordingly.

Andy Mansfield, Marketing Communications Manager at Honeywell commented: “With more information than ever at their fingertips, consumers are becoming savvier shoppers, consulting online review sites before making a purchase. Having an accreditation from the Good Housekeeping Institute not only gives the homeowner confidence in the product, but also arms installers with a powerful selling tool when making recommendations to customers.”

“The Good Housekeeping Institute is a trusted household name that consumers instantly recognise,” Andy concludes. “It’s great to receive a positive review from them and see that they gave the Lyric T6 a good score.”

For more information on Honeywell’s Lyric T6, please visit: www.honeywelluk.com/getconnected

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