The next generation of Honeywell Home evohome Smart Zoning System | Resideo

The next generation of Honeywell Home evohome Smart Zoning System | Resideo

Resideo Technologies, a global provider of home comfort and security solutions, is introducing the next generation of Honeywell Home evohome smart zoning system. Its new smart features mean that the wireless connected all-in-one solution is now a universal thermostat for almost every domestic household and application.


The wireless zoning system has been enhanced with four new features:


– Heat pump compatibility, future proofing evohome for the next climate conscious generation.


– Cooling functionality for heat pumps to keep each individual zone comfortably warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Patented Advanced Load Scaling technology to limit inefficient high return temperatures and runs the boiler in its most efficient mode, including a warm weather shutdown capability.


 – Smart weather control to reduce the heating system’s energy usage based on outside temperature, room temperature and a unique feature that learns the heat losses in each room.



Martin Wilson, Resideo’s Sales Director says, “With a target to install 600,000 heat pumps every year by 2028 set by the UK Government as outlined in its recent ‘10-point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution’, it is clear that the way we heat and cool our homes and generate hot water is going to change rapidly over the next few years and beyond. By providing installers with a universal solution to control how appliances consume energy across multiple zones – without disturbing décor – we can help them meet customer demands and expectations, whilst at the same time support our industry in offering sustainable systems now and in the future.”


Designed and manufactured in Europe, the Honeywell Home evohome smart zoning system can control up to 12 zones individually to help homeowners reduce their energy consumption and bills.


In addition to heat pumps, it is also suitable for traditional and modern high efficiency combi-boilers, district heating, pellet burners, stored hot water, radiators and underfloor heating. As a connected thermostat, it can be accessed remotely via a tablet or phone, and works with digital assistants.


For further information, visit the Resideo Installer Toolbox.

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