Bosch Professional Launches X-LOCK

Bosch Professional Launches X-LOCK

Bosch Professional has unveiled the X-LOCK system, a revolution in convenience for angle grinder users, alongside six X-LOCK angle grinders.

The six small but powerful X-LOCK angle grinders comprise one corded model and five 18 V battery-powered cordless products.

The cordless machines provide equivalent power to a 1000 W corded grinder. Compared to predecessors, they are up to 35% more powerful and give up to 100% longer runtime.

They feature a user interface – showing tool status and enabling speed selection – and in-built LED working light.

The angle grinders can also be fitted with a Bosch connectivity module which connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth for advanced functionality.

The X-LOCK angle grinders also feature KickBack Control, which immediately shuts down power to the motor if the disc is suddenly jammed. Drop Control does the same as soon as a dropped tool hits the floor.

In models with a PROtection Switch, power is instantly cut if the user lets go, while the X-Brake brings discs to a complete halt within one second of the tool stopping.

X-LOCK is simple – just bring the accessory and grinder connecting surfaces into contact and press – a ‘click’ tells you they are firmly locked.

To remove a disc, just flick a lever on the grinder. Changeovers can be completed in five seconds, five times faster than normal. You can even do it while wearing gloves.

There’s no attachment nut to seize up on a jammed disc, or to get in your way when working at flat angles, or damage material surfaces.

Further to this, X-LOCK indicates the right accessory mounting direction and will not allow direction-specific accessories, such as diamond cutting discs, to be mounted incorrectly.

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