Consumer Units Series: Hamilton

Consumer Units Series: Hamilton

We’ve reached the halfway point in the Consumer Units Series and in this latest report, PE Product Tester, Gary Fisher gives us his views on a unit from Hamilton.

Hamilton’s ‘Convex’ and curved ‘Contour’ metal units come in a stylish design so they don’t have to be hidden away and incorporate a robust fire protection system designed to optimise safety. The units have a large accessible wiring space with removable top and bottom gland plates – each plate is retained by two screws – plus knock outs to the rear.

Here’s what Gary said:

“The first thing that strikes me with this board is its cable entry system. To select your entry point you simply unscrew the necessary plate and refit it with the necessary gland adaptor which already has a fire grommet entry in it [supplied in box].

hamilton 2It’s a rather different take on cable entry, so I guess it depends on whichever way you find keeps your installations neat and tidy.

There is plenty of room to play within the board. The live bar is a standard copper type where you snap it down to suit your own configuration and fit the removal cover. This means you can organise the circuit breakers how you see fit.

When replacing an older board for a new metal type, sometimes you can’t always tell how many ways you need or if certain circuits will require the use of RCD protection, so as long as it has enough circuit ways, then you aren’t going to have any trouble using this board.

This board looks great and it holds its own in a competitive market place with some established players.”

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