Consumer Units Series: MK Electric

Consumer Units Series: MK Electric

Product Tester Mike Melnyk gives us his opinion on the MK Sentry Range from MK Electric.

MK Electric provides a complete consumer unit solution; offering pre-populated configurations, ensuring there is no need to purchase additional components for installation separately.

The fully populated board range saves valuable time, money and allows for easy planning and installation. Safety comes standard with MK’s metal consumer units as the range features a hinged door enabling continual earthing via the base of the unit.

Mike’s word:

“The knockouts on the Sentry were very easy to remove so there’s little chance of distorting or damaging the unit in the process. This is useful during installation and after the board is fitted if a new circuit needs to be added. There is an adequate number of knockouts on this model overall, but I feel that the access points in the back could be slightly larger to make cable entry from the rear easier.

The use of a steel din rail makes for secure fitting of MCBs MK2but I found the link wires from main switch to the RCDs and the neutral bars take up a lot of room inside the box. While this wouldn’t be an issue on a smaller installation, it could be a tight fit when you are dealing with more circuits.

The MK distribution board is very easy to fit although it is a little heavy – which I suppose is to be expected with metal boards (so make sure you fix them well). The top hinge door also has no means to hold itself open. A great feature for preventing fire risks but it can make the application of the labels tricky.

Overall, the enclosure feels well-made and that, coupled with MK’s usual reliability, makes this board a sound choice for any electrician.”

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