Klein Tools | Specialist Telecoms Essentials

Klein Tools | Specialist Telecoms Essentials

Klein Tools is offering a special offer tool pack with its telecoms installer customers in mind, combining a punch down tool with a ratcheting modular crimper.

The Klein Tools punch down tool is designed specifically for use on Krone blocks and other network infrastructures and can be used for inserting cable wires into jacks, modules, panels and distribution frames. It has a handy built-in swing out hook and spudger to help installers manipulate wires and small components.

The tool also has a panel sensor, which detects the presence of a Krone punch down panel, allowing the mechanism to seat and cut the wire. The impact mechanism can be locked easily simply by rotating the tool’s impact lock dial.

To complement the punch down tool, Klein Tools is providing a compact ratcheting modular crimper in the special offer pack, which can be used for fast, reliable connector terminations in voice and data applications.

For more information visit: www.kleintools.eu

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