Consumer Units Series: CPN Cudis

Consumer Units Series: CPN Cudis

In this five-part special, a series of PE Product Testers give us their views on some of the Amendment 3 compliant consumer units. Up first is the Lumo Metal Clad Range from CPN Cudis.

Designed to look like traditional consumer units, the range includes the company’s Lumo feature. This LED strip allows anyone to reset a fuse switch in the dark with ease, making it ideal for installations in dark locations, such as under the stairs.

Here’s what PE Tester Kelly Vincent thought:

“Providing you have the right sized grommets and glands, the Lumo offers plenty of knockouts on all four sides of the board, including the rear, which eliminates the need to get the hole cutter out, saving time on the job. There are 40mm tail knockouts on all sides too which is also pretty handy.Cudis-1

It also comes fully equipped with a variety of neutral bars so RCBO’s or non RCD protected circuits can be installed in addition to the split load.

The instructions and torque settings are straight forward to follow, and there’s plenty of space inside the board for a full circuit load without the cables being crushed. My client was very pleased with their new board, and was especially excited by the LED light feature – no more being left in the dark and not being able to see which circuit has tripped!

I will definitely be considering this unit as a first choice. All we need now is for our local wholesalers to get on board and start stocking the accessories!”

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