Top Product 2016: Snickers Next Gen Workwear

Top Product 2016: Snickers Next Gen Workwear

The PE editorial team look back at some of the products that drew the most interest from our readers over the past 12 months.

Snickers – Next Generation Workwear
Back in 2012, Snickers Workwear started the comprehensive task of developing its new concept for work trousers. When the company embarked on this project, it decided to undertake the most exhaustive preparatory work possible. It wanted to find out more about what 21st century craftsmen truly needed, and which functions they didn’t really need.


Snickers initiated interviews and workshops around Europe, in which end-users highlighted what was important to them. The preliminary phase and design work were followed by a test period that involved a full 400 weeks of hard on-site use. This process included 50 test pilots in several countries – from plumbers to electricians to labourers – who tested more than 200 pairs of trousers under the toughest of working conditions.

The results gave Snickers a valuable insight into what is actually important to the end users and which qualities and functions the very best working clothes should have. Putting these lessons into practice, the company launched an all-new concept for work trousers, in the form of the Next Generation working clothes.

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